About Us

We, as an assembly meeting in Panama City Beach, FL, are mikvehed members of the House of YAHUWAH. The House of YAHUWAH was originated by the Creator of the Universe in Shamayim ( heaven ) before the foundations of the world were ordained.

The House of YAHUWAH believes in and upholds the originally inspired sacred Scriptures declaring the omni-potence of our heavenly Father. It publishes, proclaims and blesses the Name of the Creator and Father of all things to be YAHUWAH, and the Son of YAHUWAH to be YAHUSHUWAH — the ONLY Name under all of Shamayim by which mankind may be delivered. It does not and will not use pagan names like g-d, l-rd, ad-nai or je-us chr-st to call upon or describe our Maker and His Son and will never use substitutions.

We publish and uphold the Ten Commands given to mankind at Creation, ascribing to the Name of YAHUWAH in the third command and keeping the Shabbat in the fourth command on the seventh day of the week. It believes and practices full immersion by mikvehing in the Names of YAHUWAH and YAHUSHUWAH haMASHCHIACH, and upon the laying on of hands by an elder in the House of YAHUWAH, gives that person being mikvehed access to and reception of the Set-Apart Spirit.

We believe and practice the ordinance of foot-washing and observance of YAHUSHUWAH haMASHCHIACH's Memorial Service on the 13th of Abib; staying in our homes on the 14th of Abib which is Pesach, having our Passover meal in the evening, and having Messiahs blood painted on the doorposts of our hearts BEFORE midnight of the 14th , and not going out of our homes until morning ( hence not breaking Torah ); observing the Feast of Unleavened Bread on the 15th of Abib ( hence TWO separate days and services ); keeping the set times of Shabbuot (Weeks), Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles with all the annual set-apart feasts of YAHUWAH listed in Leviticus 23 as convocations ( including the assembling of ourselves on the weekly Sabbath ). It observes the agriculturally corrected calendar and sets the feasts and new moons by the sliver of light of the moon ( and NOT the conjunction ). It advocates tithing ( for the benefit of widows, orphans and those in prison ) and keeping of all dietary laws of clean foods of Leviticus 11. It preaches repentance and life by faith in YAHUSHUWAH haMASHCHIACH by redemption through His blood. Its members are those told of in Revelation c12 v17 and c14 v12 who keep the commands of YAHUWAH and have the testimony of YAHUSHUWAH haMASHCHIACH. And it upholds MIGHTILY the commands in Deuteronomy c32 v3 and Psalm c68 v11 to PUBLISH the Name of YAHUWAH! And because its congregations have the Names of the Father and the Son written on their foreheads they are those spoken of in Revelation c20 v6!